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2021 award.png
2021 award.png
Marble Surface

Right here I want to express my thanks, again, to everyone who's read my stories. A special thank you to those who've given feedback, too. 

I've said several times that constructive criticism makes me a better writer... but expressing what you like about my work makes me want to write more. Both aspects are important to artists. 

Short Stories: 

"Jin's Baby" - First Place, 2019 Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Award; Suspense Category


"There's No Such Thing as Yellow"- 2020 Writer's Digest Honorable Mention; Literary Fiction Category


"The Ghost of Koh Samui"- 2021 Writer's Digest Honorable Mention; Horror Category 


"Who Stole the Blue Crayon?"- 2021 Writer's Digest Honorable Mention; Crime/Mystery/Comedy Category

"Irreconcilable Differences" - (Suspense) Will appear in WND's upcoming horror anthology. I'll update this when the book is released. 

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