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Special Thanks to: 


My wife, Li Pengyun


My best friend, Li Pengyun


My biggest critic, Li Pengyun




About me _ leslieannstradinger - Google

Leslie Stradinger

Editor, linguist, beta-reader, celebration partner, and shoulder to cry on. If you're looking for an editor, click the link above!


Valon Mustafa

Photographer, web design consultant, and beta reader. For some of his work, click the above link to check out his instagram! 

Also to his credit, he is the cofounder of 4SN (Second Saturday Steaks and Shows Night), the most exclusive club in Tianjin—but that's mainly because it's just he, Lynn, Pengyun, and I. 


Lynn "Lynderella" Lin (林彰涵)

The non-native English speaker that somehow always finds my typos and mistakes. The coolest girl I know and an amazing friend. Also, she has the most impressive Microsoft Excel skills I've ever encountered. Absolute legend. 

NOTE: She's corrected 3 things on this website (updated March 23,2021) 


Vincent Izzo

Accountant by day, drummer by night, and traveler as often as his boss will allow. Vincent Izzo is a phenomenal beta reader that has been reading my stuff for years. He's read my best stories, my worst stories, and all the stories in between and he still doesn't get annoyed when I send him a new novel. He's the man and I can't thank him enough for his patience and encouragement. 


Joyce Mahaffey (right)

To the woman who reads everything I send her and doesn't judge. To the woman who has such a deep heart for people, I was certain that she'd prefer a picture with someone instead of one by herself. There she is, standing next to a close family friend (We love you, Ping Ping!) who acted as her translator at my wedding. Before my wedding, she'd never left America but for the sake of her son she took a larger step than she'd ever taken before. She flew to China on her own—and even managed to survive the trip. In fact, she loved it so much she came again a year and a half later and is already planning her third trip. I love you, mom. Thank you for always supporting me. 

There are too many people to thank, but I'll try here anyway: 

Adrian Barrs

Alex Boutaud

Roxanne Brock

Ari Casto

John and Allison Cutrone

Brian Fletcher

Lloyd Frazier

Hecate Hou

Pete, Karen, and Troy Hough

Scott Alexander Jones

Alyssa Mabry-Israel

Sara Leung

Caitlin Lin

Hannah Lund

Amy Ma (Ma Ling Ling)

Quintin Monsonto

Cheryl Murphy

Vjollca Mustafa,

Eric, Krista, and the entire Norbury family

Kristin Osani

Alana Powell

Allie Ruby

Jaime Ruiz

Phillip Schulz

Jared Stern

Ryan Strickhouser

Andrew Whitaker

Amber Williams

James and Helen Wright

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